Leadership Workshops

Positive energy and inspiration for transformation

Whether digital transformation, climate change, agility, globalisation, societal value change, or the restructuring of entire industries – most shifts in today’s world require more than just new skills and methods. Approaches that are solely designed for short-term motivational boosts are also inadequate.

Leaders face new challenges: How can I successfully activate my team for change? How can I lead results- and people-oriented in constantly changing conditions? How can we break down silo thinking and sectional egoism? How can I use and preserve the power of curiosity to draw new energy and develop solutions even in difficult situations?

Unfortunately, there is no universal answer to all these questions and challenges. There is no tool or quick fix. However, we have learned over the years of working with companies and high-performance teams that what is crucial is to sustainably develop the collaboration and mindset of people within an organisation. People and companies with the right spirit, attitude, and fulfilling partnerships can overcome any challenge. Our workshops and leadership seminars for companies start precisely here and help participants take themselves and their teams to the next level.

Emotional activation and opening

Every leadership seminar aims to emotionally activate and empower executives and teams in your company through engaging interventions tailored to each individual.

The training focus on central elements of contemporary leadership and teamwork in high- performance teams. Essential leadership competencies such as trust, psychological safety, empowerment, empathy, ownership, hybrid leadership, and strength-oriented leadership are vividly and inspiringly developed and implemented. Through a didactic concept refined over decades, we ensure that the inspiration leads to reflection and application, guaranteeing transferability to the current situation and personal context.


Benefits of the leadership training

Development of personal leadership understanding

Reflection on modern leadership philosophies based on personal potential and skills

Learning “state of the art” leadership models and tools

Identification of individual strengths and development potential on a personal and organisational level

Increased awareness of own role and responsibility as a leader

Sustainable boost of energy and motivation for change.


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