Making a difference

Conferences can have a significant impact on any organisation. They bring key players together and can unite them towards common goals and challenges. However, from the participants’ perspective, such events often follow a predictable pattern. The food is usually the highlight, and as for the conference itself? It didn’t hurt; we finally got together, but the content was unremarkable.

We help you design conferences that make a real difference. And your participants will say afterwards:

“It was different – it was finally something different!”

Participants of a JENEWEIN conference

From me to we

We see conferences as kick-offs or pit stops to prepare for major challenges, discuss critical success factors, or embark on a journey towards a better future together. Especially in turbulent and uncertain times, there is a greater need for interaction and exchange.

Conferences provide direction and are simultaneously motivation and inspiration for the common path. Traditional conferences are often content-heavy with lots of data and facts. This is certainly good enough for information and orientation, but the wrong approach to trigger change and transformation. The misconception lies in thinking that change happens through much analysis and pointing out the need for change, followed by reflection and insight, resulting in a willingness to change.

The reality is that people are not as much moved by arguments and facts but rather by emotions and feelings. That is why we focus on the approach of See – Feel – Change. People need to tangibly see the need for change so that they are emotionally activated and feel joy, fear, enthusiasm, or anger – positive or negative. These are the driving force for change and development in a positive sense.

It takes a unique combination of excitement, community spirit, and emotional activation to build positive momentum and translate this energy into everyday organisational life.

How we proceed

We engage and activate your conference participants through unconventional interventions and a unique sense of overall dramaturgy. We bring together people from all levels and areas of your organisation through the following:

Inspiring speeches that emotionally engage executives and turn them into movement ambassadors.

Breakout sessions where current blockers (“Stinky Fish”) and boosters for transformation are identified.

Team challenges promote team spirit and genuine cooperation and strengthen the “social glue” of your company.

Paradoxical interventions that break habitual thought patterns and humorously showcase new perspectives.

Personal reflections and purpose sessions that connect the “I” with the “we” and the shared mission.


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