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Digital learning and coaching

Many executives say they lack time for leadership and team development in their daily routines. Chances are this is similar in your organisation. How much time do your managers invest in their personal development as leaders?

With CURJOS, members of your organisation gain access to selected premium video courses that flexibly support their personal development journey and are tailored to their needs. The content inspires and focuses on leadership and transformation – in a practical, inspiring, and pragmatic way. But beware: instead of just watching and listening, CURJOS encourages its users to apply and implement new impulses directly with their team!


  • Short, focused video impulses convey relevant models and key concepts
  • Practical challenges bring new insights directly into application
  • Qualified coaches provide individual feedback and support transfer
  • Innovative peer-to-peer coaching solution brings the principles of positive leadership and strong orientation to life
  • Cost-effective scaling
  • Possibility to flexibly develop company-specific courses and challenges
  • Regular, transparent reporting on activity and usage
  • Highly adaptive learning experience through personalised learning journeys and gamification.

From knowledge to action

Instead of purely static knowledge transfer, the experience is based on the success principles of “edutainment”: engaging, entertaining video formats are combined with interactive challenges in which participants reflect on their individual goals and challenges, develop new solutions, and continuously apply them.


This creates a constant and motivating learning loop that puts intrinsic curiosity at the centre and makes a community of engaged learners. The course offering deepens the following topics, among others, and can be adapted to individual needs:

High Performance Teams

Positive Leadership

Leading Change

Organisational Leadership

Remote Leadership

Enabling Innovation

Leadership in Crisis

Powerful Feedback


Peer-to-peer feedback: stronger networking and collegial consultation

With a unique peer-to-peer solution, members of the CURJOS community can work on individual challenges and receive constructive feedback from other users anonymously. An algorithm ensures that two suitable reflections are matched for maximum mutual added value.

Instead of standard solutions, this enables personalised, constructive exchange among executives through which participants inspire and support each other.


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