Cultural Transformation & Change Management

Our approach to sustainable change management

The world is changing faster and more profoundly than ever before. New technological possibilities, changing customer requirements, and legal regulations are just a few examples of the drivers of this change. To remain successful in such an environment, organisations must proactively evolve. Transformation and change have become constants in management and are urgently needed.

However, various studies consistently show that around 70% of all transformation and change initiatives fail. The reason for these failures lies less in the logic of the matter and more in the psychology of the matter. The right things are being done in terms of content – strategy, structure, and processes are not the problem, but the emotions and feelings of employees are not adequately considered.

This is where we come in. For over 20 years, we have been supporting organisations in change management. We focus less on processes, methods, or individual seminars and more on people and their emotions. Only if those affected are emotionally involved and not just rationally convinced will they sustainably support the changes.

«Cultural Development is a process, not an event.»

Cross-hierarchical and departmental cooperation

As a driving force and sparring partner for developing leadership and collaboration culture, we support our clients in positively shaping change and aligning with their corporate objectives. For the success of the transformation, it is crucial that the movement starts at the top level and that top management acts as ambassadors. This commitment from the management team gives the movement the decisive power to be significant and relevant.

People realise that they are not just in another workshop or seminar but part of a movement for an even better future for their organisation. As a rule, we also recommend tailoring the interventions to unite leaders across hierarchies and departments. This breaks down silo thinking, promotes proximity and forms networks between the people involved. It is the beginning and the signal for a common change.

Change processes require time

Composition is one thing, and continuity of interventions is another. Sustainable culture and organisational development are not a matter of days or months – successful transformations take several years. Many change processes fail because they have more of an event character. Impressive speakers are brought in for a big event; the atmosphere is relaxed and agile, and the management discusses renewal and how everything will improve. Afterwards, people return to work, and after 3-4 weeks, the spirit and energy usually dissipate. Cultural development is not an event but a process. Our approach takes this into account and consists of several interdependent interventions. Participants are taken on a cultural journey that sets new impulses at intervals of about 4 months. After each intervention, accompanying measures ensure that the positive energy from the interventions is maintained and transferred into everyday life. These actions and experiences are shared and interwoven at the next meeting with new impulses. As a result, the participants and the organisation develop to higher levels, like in a helix.


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