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Team coaching in sport

Are you a team of stars or a real star team? Many high-performance teams are characterised by being a collection of world-class athletes who are all top in their positions but not a real team. Many team members do more harm than good to each other. There is envy, resentment, and selfishness, but no “we” and no synergy. Only with a trusting, performance-oriented, and strength-based collaboration can teams achieve more together than the sum of their individual parts. Those who tap into the potential of such cooperation lay the foundation for team success in elite sports.

Our sports coaching aims to establish a high-performance culture within teams. We do not understand team coaching as a standard process, but rather an intensive collaboration along individual needs – with the goal of measurably raising team performance to the next level.


  • How can we strengthen collaboration within the team?
  • How can we successfully align ourselves to a common vision?
  • How can we constructively handle challenges and conflicts?
  • How can we identify our strengths and potentials and use them optimally for our shared dream?
  • How can we agree on common values and principles?
  • How can we shape communication within the team?
  • How can we achieve sustainable progress as a team?

In the sports context or sports coaching, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Each team is different and requires tailored measures. We know this because our team has a strong personal connection to high-performance sports. Many have been or are active in various disciplines, including elite sports. That’s why we passionately and expertly support and develop teams individually.


Today, top athletes can hardly compete without mental training and physical exercise. Combined with optimal physical activity, mental preparation and strength have become increasingly critical to success.

Through the combination of the latest scientific findings and our many years of experience working closely with athletes from all levels and sports, we support athletes in the following areas:

Potential analysis

Identifying and leveraging one’s performance potential

Personal development

Exploring one’s personality and deriving specific mechanisms for improving performance.

Optimal competition preparation

Relaxation and focus before the competition, as well as handling stressful situations.

Willpower and motivation

Achieving the mental state of actual volition and increasing our perseverance.

Managing fears and setbacks

Coping with challenging life situations in both the sports and personal realms

Career counselling

Assessing one’s current status and developing a sustainable career plan based on personal values and goals, also beyond the sports field.


Knowing and appreciating your environment is crucial as an athlete, including the people and coaches around you.

Do you need support in these areas?

We look forward to getting to know you without obligation to accompany you with a customised coaching approach on your journey.


Then get in touch - we will be happy to help you!

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