Executive Coaching

Do you want to be the leader

that you would have liked
to have had in your life?

This is a common desire and thought when developing oneself as a leader. But how do you get closer to this goal? Leadership coaching is by far the most effective method for developing top executives. The role of a leadership coach can be defined very broadly, so the coaching approach plays a crucial role in achieving sustainable success.


Individual. Dynamic. Performance-oriented.

The JENEWEIN coaching philosophy is a holistic approach that considers the professional environment and the personal one, from laser coaching to experiential coaching. True to its name, laser coaching is a short and goal-oriented conversation that quickly removes barriers. In contrast, experiential coaching represents a time-intensive exploratory approach in which all senses are addressed to gain more clarity, apart from everyday life. With this approach, we help executives from different industries, backgrounds, and age groups take their performance to the next level, professionally and personally.


Our coaching approach is reinvented for each individual. The conversations and backgrounds are unique, as is the process. No template can replace this process of exploration. Individuality is one of our quality features. We work with you to design your coaching journey to tailor it to you perfectly.


Life brings highs and lows – these are development sources and should not be ignored. Dynamics bring complexity to life and are often negatively perceived. If sophistication and its effects are put into the proper context, it can be a decisive factor for success. Our coaches help you to see the volatile environment as an opportunity to grow personally.


Executive or business coaching is designed to help top executives reflect on their goals and increase their effectiveness as leaders. Coaching serves no self-serving purpose; we always have your goals and successes in mind, and together with you, we lay the foundation for future success.

The competencies of a leader of tomorrow

The world is constantly changing and bringing new elements into our workday. As a leader, you must guide yourself and your employees through this opaque jungle of emotional and rational obstacles. Accordingly, today’s leaders are required to have countless and diverse skills, such as:



Dealing with conflicts

Positive Mindset


Time management

Work Life Balance

Ability to motivate

Positive Leadership

Individual coaching offer

Throughout the leadership coaching, we identify necessary skills and develop them sustainably with you.

We also focus on the holistic development of your personality so that the successes can be transferred to other areas and situations in life. Throughout the entire development and reflection process, giving and receiving feedback is one of the most important pillars to work on your skills and personality and make progress.

The JENEWEIN coaches are your sparring partners on the way to the next level as a leadership personality. Our aspiration as executive coaches is to transform you – into the best version of yourself and the leader you would have liked to have had in your life.


Then get in touch - we will be happy to help you!

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